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Big Science Shows

For those schools and organizations that allow in-person programs, we offer a large selection high energy, interactive science shows featuring science celebrity and award-winning author, Steve "The Dirtmeister®" Tomecek. All of these programs feature a wide range of Steve's engaging "Dirt's Cheap Science™" experiments that people can safely try at home.

All of our Big Science Shows last about one hour and are specifically tailored to meet the age and abilities of the audience members. In addition to school groups, these programs are ideal for family audiences at libraries and other organizations at a reduced rate. Most shows are designed to accommodate up to 200 individuals based on the size of the facility.

Single performances cost $600.00, 2 shows cost $850.00 and three shows are $1,100.00. All prices are based on doing the same show in the same location on the same day. Travel fees are included in the show price for all locations up to 100 miles from either New York City or Oneonta, New York. Outside of these areas, additional travel fees may apply.

We bring all our own equipment including sound system and extension cords. All you need to provide is a table in the front of the room for us to set up on. The following is a list of our current Big Science Show themes. If you don't see a topic that you want, contact us and we'll be happy to custom design a show to meet your needs!

Phantastic Physical Phenomena

This is the show that inspired both the Phantastic Physical Phenomena television and book series exploring the role of physics in everyday life in a not so serious way. The program features about 20 different demonstrations focusing in on Newton's Laws of motion, electricity, air pressure, and the interactions of sound and light energy. As with all of our programs, the demonstrations featured in this show are 100% safe and most are easily replicated by teachers in a classroom and students working with their parents

Science Around the House

As the name suggests, this show takes a wild and wacky look at some of the science that takes place in and around the home. Using some "Dirt Cheap" materials such as coffee cans, soda bottles, mixing bowls and even a toilet plunger, we explore the science behind gravity, air pressure, and sound. All experiments are 100% safe and participants are encouraged to actually try them at home!

Creating an Awesome Science Fair Project

This show is dedicated to science fair enthusiasts who are tired of doing the same old "stuff". Using some slightly serious science demos, we examine how everyday materials can be turned into a totally awesome science fair project. Along the way we trace the steps involved in developing a winning project, including selecting a topic, identifying variables, designing an experiment and evaluating the data. As part of the program we discuss the origins and importance of using the scientific method, and why a valid project always requires that the investigators do a "fair test" when conducting their experiments.

The Science of Sports

This show looks at the science behind many of the sports that kids love to play and covers a wide range of topics. We begin with a look at athletes and why reaction time and hand-eye coordination is so important. We then explore the roles played by inertia, leverage, angular momentum, friction and gravity in everything from bowling and basketball to soccer and golf!

Amazing Astonishing Air

This show examines the physics of air and begins with a look at air as a state of matter. We then explore some of the ways that air pressure can be changed and used to do everything from unclog a drain to fly a plane. The program concludes with a look at what makes rockets fly and the launch of rather unique space vehicle!

Vacillating Vibrant Vibrations

This show explores the science of sound examining how sounds are made and transmitted and how musical instruments are designed. Along the way, participants see sound waves in action, hear sounds underwater and discover why sound is really just energy for the ears!

Engaging Energy

You hear a great deal about energy these days but few people really understand its importance and how many ways it impacts our lives. Energy can be thought of as the "stuff that makes stuff move," and without it everything in the universe would come to a crashing halt. In this program we examine the different forms that energy can take including mechanical, chemical, heat, light, and electricity and explore how it can be transferred and transformed. We also discuss the roles that potential and kinetic energy play in keeping our world in motion.

Magnificent Matter

This show explores matter in all its different forms and examines some of the physical and chemical changes that it can undergo. Using some radically different demos, we take a close up look at solids, liquids, gases and plasmas, and the various properties that each state exhibits.

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