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Steve "The Dirtmeister®" Tomecek, Executive Director

Stephen M. Tomecek (a.k.a. "The Dirtmeister®") is the Executive Director and founder of Science Plus, Inc. Steve began his professional career as a geologist (yes, he's a real scientist!) specializing in geomorphology and soils. The title "Dirtmeister" was hung on him over 30 years ago by his students at the New York Botanical Gardens where he taught courses in soil science for many years.

In addition to still working as a scientist, Steve also has had a number of interesting jobs as a science educator. He served as the Associate Director for the Science Museum of Long Island and as the Science Program Supervisor for the New York Hall of Science. He currently serves as the Science Advisor for Age of Learning, Inc. and as a writer for the National Geographic Society, Chelsea House Publishers, and Scholastic, Inc. In the past he has written and has helped to develop web sites for Discovery Communications, the Johns Hopkins School of Public Health, Los Alamos Labs, and the Jason Academy.

For eight years Steve was an on-air host for the "New York Kids" show on WNYC radio in New York City and was the writer and star of "Dr. Dad's Ph-3," an Emmy award winning television series produced by Louisiana Public Broadcasting which was broadcast on PBS stations across the country. Steve's television credits also include serving as the Science Educational Consultant for "3-2-1 Classroom Contact" produced by Children's Television Workshop and as a curriculum writer for both "Newton's Apple" and "Scholastic's Magic School Bus."

Steve has written over 45 nonfiction books for both teachers and kids. His very first book, Bouncing & Bending Light, won the 1996 American Institute of Physics science writing award and he has written 6 books for the highly acclaimed Jump Into Science series published by National Geographic. Steve is an active member of the Union of Concerned Scientists and was elected to both the Sigma Xi Scientific Research Society and the New York Academy of Sciences. As Executive Director, Steve is responsible for overseeing all program development here at Science Plus and he personally conducts all the big science shows and author visits

Stephen Tomecek

Stephen "Dirt Jr." Tomecek, Business Manager

Stephen M. Tomecek Jr. (a.k.a. Dirt Jr.) has worked for Science Plus for the past 15 years first as a "roadie" and then representing the company at conferences and other public events. After graduating Stony Brook University with a B.A. in political science, he spent 3 years working as a dispatcher and police officer for the New York State University Police. He has completed his second B.A. in Accounting from Queens College, CUNY. As Business Manager, Stephen is responsible for "keeping us legal", filing our taxes, paying the bills and chasing down deadbeats who owe us money. (Trust us-you don't want to get on his bad side!)

Christy Tomecek

Christy "Miss Mudde" Tomecek, Media Director

Christy L. Tomecek (a.k.a. Ms. Mudde) has literally grown up working for Science Plus. Starting at the age of 10, she regularly appeared with "The Dirtmeister" as "Ms. Mudde" on the New York Kids radio show broadcast by WNYC and frequently assisted with his live public shows and at book signing events. She graduated New York University with a B.A. in English Literature and Creative Writing and Queens College, CUNY, with a Masters Degree in Library Sciences that specializes in archives and cataloging/metadata. She is responsible for all printed material released by Science Plus, Inc, our video and picture archives, and maintaining the company website. She is also the administrator for the company Facebook account.

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