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Special Programs and Prices for Public Libraries

Here at Science Plus Inc., we really appreciate the work done by libraries and try to support them any way we can. Starting November 1, 2020 we will be offering a special new virtual online program called "Storytime With The Dirtmeister®" at a special discounted fee of $75.00 per session. We also offer libraries the opportunity to host any of our Virtual Science From The Dirtmeister's Den programs.

In addition to our year-round program offerings, each year we create a fun-filled, interactive science program that ties directly into the summer reading theme. Our program for the summer of 2021 is titled "Dragons and the Dinosaur Detectives." It digs deep into the history behind the original discovery of the first dinosaur fossils and the true stories of the men, and one incredible woman who literally put the pieces together. We also examine how modern-day paleontologists use what they know about living animals to unlock the mysteries of extinct animals of the past. This program will be available stating June 1, 2021 and can be presented either in-person at the library or live online via Zoom. In both cases, the program lasts about an hour and is presented live by Steve "The Dirtmeister®" Tomecek.

The fee for the virtual online program is $150 and is delivered via Zoom. The program is limited to 50 participants and since this program contains copywritten materials, it is restricted to a single live performance. Recording and reuse are strictly prohibited.

The fee for the in-person program is $300 and is limited to libraries within 100 miles of either New York City or Oneonta, New York. An additional travel fee may apply for libraries outside of these two areas.

Please note that we only have a limited number of slots available during the summer, so you should book as early as possible. For more information or to book a program please contact us via email at info@dirtmeister.com or call (917) 797-0965.

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