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Special Programs and Prices for Public Libraries

Here at Science Plus we really appreciate the work done by public libraries and try to support them in any way we can. To help stimulate a love of science in your community and stretch your programming budget, we offer a number of special programs at discount prices for community libraries in New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut. All of these programs can be coupled with a book signing by Steve Tomecek with the net proceeds going to your library!

Each year we here at Science Plus, Inc. create a fun-filled interactive program for public libraries that ties directly into the summer reading theme. In recognition of this year’s theme of “Build A Better World”, we are pleased to present Inventing A Better World! This high-energy show is especially designed for family audiences and encourages participants to explore their inventive side by challenging them to create and construct some inventions of their own. As in the past, this program will be presented exclusively by award-winning author and science celebrity Steve “The Dirtmeister” Tomecek.

During the program “The Dirtmeister” will take a wild and wacky look at a dozen different inventions that helped to change the course of human history. Beginning with early stone tools, participants discover how simple machines such as the wedge, lever, and inclined plane were used by our ancestors to not only put food on the table, but helped them build some extraordinary structures, many of which are still standing today. Traveling through time, we look at how simple advances in building techniques coupled with the wheel and axle helped to propel people forward and make the industrial revolution possible. We conclude with the fascinating story of the development of electricity and how it opened the door for everything from light bulbs and motors to cellphones and lasers. After the presentation Steve will be available to meet and greet audience members and autograph copies of his bestselling book What A Great Idea: Inventions That Changed the World!

As in the past we are pleased to offer this program at a special low price of $350.00 which includes all travel expenses within 100 miles of either New York City or Oneonta, New York. (An additional travel fee may apply for libraries located outside these areas.) As an additional incentive, if you have hosted one of our programs at your library in the last two years and want us back, we will be happy to knock an additional $50.00 off the price. At the conclusion of the program Steve would be happy to do a book signing at no extra cost.

Please note that we only have a limited number of program slots available this summer so you should try to book as early as possible! For more information or to book this program please contact us via e-mail at info@dirtmeister.com or call (917) 797-0965.

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