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Special Programs and Prices for Public Libraries

Here at Science Plus Inc., we really appreciate the work done by libraries and try to support them any way we can. Starting November 1, 2020 we will be offering a special new virtual online program called "Storytime With The Dirtmeister®" at a special discounted fee of $75.00 per session. We also offer libraries the opportunity to host any of our Virtual Science From The Dirtmeister's Den programs.

In addition to our year-round program offerings, each year we create a fun-filled interactive science program that ties directly into the summer reading theme. To go along with this year's theme of "Oceans of Possibilities," we are pleased to present "Dive Into Reading." This program is designed to introduce a family audience to some of the wonders of the marine environment and takes a deep dive into the history of how explorers first challenged Earth's watery realm. Along the way "The Dirtmeister®" uses simple experiments to unlock some of the mysteries of how fish and other sea creatures can survive in the ocean depths and how humans have borrowed some of these special adaptations to live and work beneath the waves.

This program will be available starting June 1, 2022 and will only be conducted as an in-person program. It can be presented either indoors or outdoors depending on the needs of the individual library. The program lasts about 1 hour and the fee is $300 for libraries located within 100 miles of New York City or Oneonta, NY. For libraries located outside of these two areas an additional travel fee may apply.

Please note that we only have a limited number of slots available during the summer, so you should book as early as possible. For more information or to book a program please contact us via email at info@dirtmeister.com or call (917) 797-0965.

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